Picture this: November 1984, North West London, a slightly podgy 9 year old boy (with a haircut that looks like it has been done with a knife and fork and wearing an outfit that is inappropriately too tight and made out of something that crackles if you get too close) runs in to the house and heads straight to his father’s record player clutching his first 7” single. He has seen something on Top Of The Pops the previous evening that has blown his mind. A song that he has instantly fallen in love with. An Instant Crush, if you will: a track that he desperately needs to buy so that he can listen to it on a loop. And make anyone who enters the house endure over and over…and over again. No friend or family member is safe. The joy has to be shared!

Now, let’s only make light note of the fact that the record in question was ‘I Know Him So Well’ by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson.

I’d like to say that I redeemed myself a week later by tearing down to Jazzy’s Vinyl to grab a copy of Cocteau Twins’ ‘Treasure’. However, if truth be told, I found myself magnetically drawn to ‘Kalimba de Luna – 16 Happy Songs’ by Boney M instead and skipped home merrily to unwittingly torture my nearest and dearest further towards the brink of insanity.

Anyway, I digress. The point of the story is that this kind of reaction to music has more of less continued throughout my life. As a teenager, if I wasn’t hunched over my twin-cassette stereo poised to tape my favourite songs off the radio then I was down in the town scouring record shops for new stuff.

Basically, I love music. I particularly love the buzz of discovering new tunes. And when I stumble across something special, it’s usually love at first listen and I want the world to crush along with me. Just ask my friends. Those who have known me since I was a youth are all now practically bankrupt after having to have extensions put on their homes just to store the back catalogue of mix-tapes they received from me throughout the late 80s and early 90s!

Now, I don’t claim to be a superlative music aficionado (although I am often hauled in as the ‘secret weapon’ on teams at music trivia nights) nor a serious critic (unless you still consider ‘Smash Hits’ to be thoughtful, cutting-edge journalism). However, I think that my musical taste is pretty good, if we ignore my unfortunate dalliance with Wilson Phillips when I was 15 and then a mild obsession with Geri Halliwell at 24.

So, I hope you enjoy Instant Crush. There’ll be a little bit of something for everyone (although you’re unlikely to find any head-banging mosh pit material here). And please do feel free to leave comments. Especially let me know about your own instant crushes! I love it when someone introduces me to something I’ve not heard before! It’s all about sharing and collaboration! Bring it on!

Yours melodically,