Jens Lekman : Life Will See You Now

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a Swede and a story, so when the two come together in such wonderful unison as they do on Jens Lekman’s fourth album “Life Will See You Now”, I’m in my own personal pop heaven.

The songwriting is impressively strong. The lyrics offer up an glorious mix of whimsy, darkness and vulnerability. There is a thread of pessimism that strings the tracks together and yet the stories are delivered in a catchy, upbeat manner with the clever use of disco beats and funky horns.

Songs about a Morman missionary looking for the meaning of life or a cancer survivor comforting a troubled friend won’t be for everyone but there is something comforting and beautiful in Lekman’s delivery of these stories. Plus any album that features a duet with the marvellous Tracey Thorn about hotwiring and riding a Ferris wheel gets my vote any time.

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