Muna : About U

My first big album recommendation of the year is Muna’s pretty fantastic ‘About U’. It’s a veritable synth pop feast…but with depth and meaning! This marvellous trio of queer females from LA have produced an album that everyone can relate to. Songs about love, heartbreak, friendship and correcting past wrongs are all presented in a swirl of slick production that is both euphoric and melancholic at the same time.

There are many standout tracks on the album. The melodrama of “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” is delicious. “Loudspeaker’ about self-acceptance and acknowledgement of all your own imperfections is delivered with a mirrorball in the corner of the room. But it’s “I Know A Place” that really strikes a chord. The band themselves explained that “this song was written for queer folks, for people of colour, for immigrants, for those who have been made to feel unsafe in their own skin”. It’s a highlight moment and one that will resonate with many listeners and give them all the warm and fuzzies.

There’s something almost 80’s high-school prom about this album but that’s exactly what gives it its charm and makes it so goddamn relatable!

This gets a whopping 4 stars from me. I look forward to seeing these ladies live at some point!

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